A Great Program to Capture and Process Your Video Footage Quickly!


Avery Lee first conceived VirtualDub way-back… When the Internet was young and the bandwidth narrow…!!!

Learn more about this simple but powerful free video processing program below…!

This program was developed to quickly capture, encode and decode video footage that can then be exported to videotape, DVD, the Web or a more complex video editing program for further processing.

It uses the AVI format and is for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.

VirtualDub isn't really so much a free video editing program ... but rather... a pre-editing and post-editing video processor.

You can use it to quickly clean up your video footage before you put it into your more complex video editor. It's fast and easy to use and can save you a lot of time in video production.

Why Is VirtualDub so useful?

It's main purpose is doing fast linear operations before  you put the footage in your nonlinear video editor to create the finished video product.

It is very useful for such operations as:

  • Capture

  • Removing or replacing audio tracks without touching the video
  • Rough cuts
  • Adding filters (video effects)
  • Encoding and decoding files, etc.

As you can see, it is more of a general utility video program used before exporting or processing your video footage to another more complex video editing program.

  • As stated on the Virtualdub website: "You can take a captured clip, trim the ends, clean up some of the noise, convert it to the proper frame size and write out a better one".

Using this free video editing software can greatly speed-up your workflow as a editor and make it much more simple to do the more complex work in your nonlinear video editing program.

VirtualDub Shines As a Capture Program!

VirtualDub as a capture program

Some of the things that are under your control by using this program to capture your video are:

  • Fractional frame rates. Meaning, you can adjust the frame rate to exactly what you want.

  • Optimize disk access for a faster and more stable video capture.
  • Creating AVI 2 files. Using this type of file can better utilize the space on large hard drives.
  • Integrated audio volume meter and histogram so that you can monitor input levels as your capturing your video.

...And that's just to name a few of the features.

VirtualDub is also a great utility program for the editor who wants to do fast cleanup or batch processing of his video footage.

Some Technical Stuff... Operating Systems, CPU's, Files and Capture…

Microsoft Windows computer

This program was written to be used with Windows operating systems.

I use Windows 7 and it works well with that platform. Almost all other Windows operating systems are supported except for Windows CE and versions of Windows NT prior to 4.0.

One of the great things about this free video editing software is that its capture rate is fast and doesn't put a strain on your CPU. I use an Intel processor and it works great with this program but, I can't vouch for how well it will work with an AMD processor. You'll have to check that out if you use AMD as your CPU. Learn more about the video editing computer CPU here.

Some of the files that this video editing software will not read are QuickTime, MPEG 2, RealMedia and ASF files.

The program requires a Video for Windows (VFW) compatible device to capture video. Some newer devices, especially IEEE 1394 (FireWire) devices may experience difficulties in the video capture process.

Some Interesting Stuff… The History of Virtual Dub…

This program was conceived of years ago… back when the Internet was young and there was very little bandwidth. If you remember those days like I do, you know that viewing, sending or capturing large video files was a challenge to say the least! And we're not talking nearly the size of any of the files you see today!

The creator of VirtualDub, Avery Lee says that he stumbled across a movie file online of the Sailor Moon Super S video intro anime (Japanese animation) online. It was something he'd never seen before and in his own words... "it looked really neat" and he wanted to capture the clip. 

Sailor Moon Super S Video Intro Anime

But... Back in the early days of the net capture cards and programs were primitive (compared to today) and they didn't make for capturing very much high quality video.

Matter of fact, as I remember it… they hardly made for capturing any  video at all! Figuring out how to capture high-quality video using little bandwidth is what started him on the road to creating a high-quality desktop video program that excelled in video capture.

As he stated in his "History of VirtualDub" on the website… "To this day, one of my site hobbies is to figure out the best way to produce the smallest good-looking video files from crummy video sources". In moving this program up from the earliest build until now... I would say he has done a great job in producing a high-quality video utility program!

You Want to Learn More on How to Use VirtualDub? Here's a Short Video on Doing Just That!

This short video will give you a good look at some of the basics of using this program. He covers a lot of ground pretty quickly... So stay alert... :-)

Do You Want to Try out VirtualDub?

If you want to try a copy of this software you can download it here from their site!

This program is one of the best of the free video utility programs out there and... if used as intended...

I'm sure you'll find it fast, efficient and very useful...!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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