Video Terminology Glossary:
Video, Filmmaking and Multimedia Terms

Video terminology glossary

This video terminology glossary is an alphabetical list of important and/or hard to find audio production, video production, video editing, multimedia and filmmaking terms and their meanings...

Words Are Wonderful Things... If... You Know Their Meetings!

What is a word

What is a Word  anyway?

The Golden Rule of Study is…

* Don't Go Past Words or Terms You Don't Completely Understand... Look Them Up...!!

A single word represents a thought, state of being, action and/or object that can then be put together with other words and symbols to communicate a whole and more complex concept of thought, state of being or action.

But… what happens if you run across a word or words in a subject you don't completely understand?

Well... You don't fully get the concept that is being communicated. This is a barrier  that comes between you and the full understanding of that subject.

At that point ...for most people... studying that subject may become boring, hard, or downright painful and... For a lot of people... it presents enough of a barrier that they don't continue in the subject at all and may abandon it altogether.

Understanding the Basic and Important Terms of a Subject Is the Key to Mastering That Subject…

Understanding important words and terms

When you first delve into video editing, video production and/or working with multimedia it might all seem very complicated especially if you don't understand the video production terms and definitions being used.

But… it is really only necessary for you to have a good basic working knowledge of the key words and terms that you will come across in the subject to make it much easier, faster and much more fun to learn.

Knowing and understanding the terminology used in video production, video editing and multimedia is vital if you are to be successful in applying this technology. Of course, you need to practice the subject too! But… You'll find it hard to practice if you don't understand what you're doing in the first place!

This Video Terminology Glossary Will Help You to Find the Meanings of the Specialized Words in these Subjects...

Video terminology glossary – video production

You will find that in these subjects there will be all manner of specialized words that you will need to know to be able to effectively and easily produce your film, video or multimedia production.

So… the purpose of this video terminology glossary is to make it easy for you to find the specialized terms that you need to know to be successful...! The key terms in digital video technology, video editing terminology, film and video production terminology etc..

And again... If you take the time to really study and understand for yourself  the words and concepts of these subjects... I guarantee you’ll be very productive and...have much more FUN!!!

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This Glossary Is Definitely a Work-in-Progress! – video glossary

I’m making this video terminology glossary as extensive as possible and will add new terms as I come across them. It is definitely a work in progress! New terms will be added on a regular basis...


  • If you would like a word or term added to this glossary...
  • Need help in finding a word or term or...
  • Don't understand a word or term used on this site...
Click here!

...And let me know!  I'm always glad to help!

Use this video terminology glossary and other information and resources you will find here at to help you understand the and use these subjects well..

I'm looking forward to seeing your video masterpiece!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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