Video Terminology Glossary W:
Video, Filmmaking and Multimedia Words and Terms

Wardrobe Department – (See definition: Costume).

Webisode – 1. A television program where the episodes are specifically made to be distributed and watched on digital devices that access the web. 2. Short video clips accessed on the Internet that give a brief storyline for viewers of a television program. It is usually used to promote or give a preview of the actual program.

White Clip Level – The level at which the camera sensor is at its upper limit and stops responding. You can keep adding light, but your video level will not get any higher. Your footage will be a washed-out white. If you are using film this would be overexposure. (See article: Camera Image Sensor).

Windows Media Audio (WMA) – A proprietary audio compression format developed by Microsoft. The name can refer to either Microsoft's audio codecs or its audio file format.

Workflow (In post production) -  workflow is the pattern or steps you use in organizing and working with your material so that you can quickly and efficiently build your completed film or video production. (See article: Video Production Process).

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