Video Terminology Glossary T:
Video, Filmmaking and Multimedia Words and Terms

Tablet (computer) – Thin, small, touchscreen operated computers. The most popular currently is Apple's iPad. These types of computers normally do not have keyboards or a mouse, but do feature forward and rear-facing cameras. They are typically not made for professional use but, have great popularity as a uniquely portable casual computer that can access many types of applications through the Internet.

Television – (See the article: The History Of Television and Video).

Television Distribution – Films, movies or videos that are distributed and seen on Broadcast television, Satellite or Cable TV.

Theatrical Release – A film or movie that is released to the public and seen in First Run movie houses or specialized theaters called Art houses.

Throw Distance – the distance between a front projector and screen.

THX – a set of technologies, components and acoustic/technical performance criteria for film sound recording developed by George Lucas.

Total Pixels – See definition: Active Pixels. (See: Common Questions about Pixels and Resolution)

Transfer Characteristic – This normally pertains to the digital video cameras sensor. The more light that strikes the sensor, the higher the level of the signal. The relationship between the amount of light coming in and the video signal that is created is called the sensors transfer characteristic. The camera's sensor produces a signal directly proportional to the light falling on it. (See: Camera Image Sensor)

Treatment – A unique or fresh look, take or perspective on an idea for a movie or video production.

THD – an acronym for Total Harmonic Distortion.

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