Video Terminology Glossary S:
Video, Filmmaking and Multimedia Words and Terms

Sample Script – A script sent out as an example of what the screen writer can do. (See: Video Production Script.)

Screenplay – A script that is written specifically to be made into a movie, television program or other production that will be displayed on a screen. (See: Video Production Script.)

Script – The entire movie or video in written form. The script gives the details of the characters, music, dialogue, camera shots, lighting and locations etc. It is the guide for the production of the movie or video. There are several types of scripts. (See: Video Production Script.)

Set – An artificially constructed environment where a movie or video scene or shot takes place. (See: Video Production Process.)

Set Piece (movie-making) – Usually a scene or sequence of scenes that requires intricate planning and expense. They are usually the dramatic or comedic high point or “crescendo” of the movie. (See: Shot, Scene, Sequence.)

Sizzle Reel – A montage of footage usually not longer than three minutes that gives a sense of what the product, project or film is all about. Used for promotional purposes. See: Types of Video Productions.

Spec – A screenplay or script sold without any money being paid in advance. It's written on the "speculation" that the buyer of the script or screenplay will like it and want to pay you for it. See: Video Production Script.

Streaming – A form of distribution mainly using the Internet. This form of distribution is quickly becoming the most dominant method of getting film, video and music productions to the global public. It is fast, efficient and nearly instantaneous. The low cost of this type of distribution (as there is nothing physically to be purchased or shipped) is attractive to both distributors and consumers alike.

Streaming (Internet) – A continuous flow of data through the Internet or other network (in real time with no files being downloaded) to your computer or digital device. Examples would be videos found on the Internet, webcasts of live events such as a concert or video chats such as on Skype etc.

String-out – (See definition: Assembly).

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