Video Terminology Glossary R:
Video, Filmmaking and Multimedia Words and Terms

Re-shoot – The re-filming or videoing of an entire scene or sequence. See: Video Production Process.

RealAudio – an audio format developed by RealNetworks around 1995 that could be used to stream audio at various bit rates. At one time it was the standard for streaming audio formats but it's since been replaced by more modern formats and has declined in use.

Rough Cut – Once the Assembly phase of the editing is done the video or film is honed into a Rough Cut. A rough cut is not about organizing the footage – it is the first edit that starts to craft the video or film into the story that has been envisioned by the director. Also see: Assembly (String–out), Fine Cut, Final Cut.

Rushes – Rushes are an older term used mainly back in the days when movies were shot exclusively on film. They are that days production process so that they could be viewed by the director of the film production. They're called Rushes because once the film was shot it needed to be processed and printed before it could be seen and, as far as the director was concerned, the faster this was done the better. Rushes and Dailies (the more modern term) are usually unedited or just a very rough cut.

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