Video Terminology Glossary P:
Video, Filmmaking and Multimedia Words and Terms

Pay-Per-View (PPV) – A method of Film, Movie, Video or live event distribution that allows the viewer to immediately select and pay to watch the programming. This is done normally through their cable or satellite TV service. Also see: Video-On-Demand (VOD).

Pick-up Shots: After the principal photography is done the relatively short or minor shots are then done that will fill out the material needed for the film or video. Also called: Additional Photography. If an entire scene or segment needs to be redone it would be referred to as a Re-shoot. See: Video Production Process.

Picture – A visual image captured in two-dimensional form such as a painting, a photograph or on a video. See: Digital Image.

Picture Lock (in video editing) – The point where (in editing) there will be no other changes to the material by the video editor. The picture (movie or video) is now "locked" and the frames in the edit will not be changed. There can be other changes made to the video or film at this point however such as adding soundtracks, titles, special effects or even deleting scenes. It's just that at this stage, the shots and scenes are satisfactory and no longer need to be edited. Also called: Frame Lock.

Post-production – The assembly and editing of the video or film material once the principal photography and any other material needed has been produced In the Production phase. In the film industry often just called "Post". See: Video Production Process.

Pre-production: The time when preparations are made for the actual shooting. The scripts and storyboards are finished, crew is assembled, the equipment is gathered, locations found, casting done, sets and props and wardrobe determined etc.. See: Video Production Process.

Principal Photography – The shooting of the main parts of the script. This is where the production phase of a video or film really gets rolling. Producers and directors usually want to push this phase through as quickly as possible as a lot of the costs of the production are tied up in this phase such as; rental of gear and locations, paying the crew and actors etc.. See: Video Production Process.

Production – The actual shooting of the film or video. Also called the Principal Photography. See: Video Production Process.

Production Design – The planning and arrangement of sets, props, wardrobe etc. See: Video Production Process.

Production Values – The quality of your overall video or film production. Audiences expect professional camerawork, clear concise video editing, interesting and sharp graphics and a great story in any film or video.

Professional Tape Cassette – High output low noise tape used for high-quality video, voice or music mastering and duplication. See: Digital Camera Storage Media.

Prop – Short for property. Any sort of object used in the scene or production during a performance.

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