Video Terminology Glossary M:
Video, Filmmaking and Multimedia Words and Terms

Motion Picture – Another word for a Movie or Film. In Hollywood terms a "Major" Motion Picture would be one that was expensive to make, has high production values and star power, wide distribution goals and a tremendous amount of marketing money behind it.

Motion Pictures – 1. A series of still pictures projected in rapid succession that gives the appearance to the viewer that there is motion. 2. Another name for a movie or film.

Movie – Moving images (with sound) that are recorded on camera and (usually) edited into a story and is viewed by an audience.

Multimedia Projects – Multimedia projects are productions that combined graphics, pictures, video, text and audio etc. into a single presentation. Multimedia projects can be any of the main types of video productions.

Music Videos – A short video or film used to highlight a song or music through the use of sound and imagery. They usually show the music artist or artists singing and or playing a musical instrument with accompanying imagery and actors (usually dancers). See: Types of Video Productions.

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