Video Terminology Glossary H:
Video, Filmmaking and Multimedia Words and Terms

Hard Disk Drives – A computer storage device that uses rapidly rotating discs coated with magnetic material where digital data can be stored and retrieved. (Also see: The Video Editing Computer: The Hard Drive ).

High Definition Video – A resolution standard. It is usually considered that any resolution higher than 480 horizontal lines (in North America) or 576 horizontal lines (Europe) is high-definition. (Also see: Common Questions about Pixels and Resolution).

Hollywood Hype – A technique used in Hollywood (and elsewhere) of intensive promotion and marketing of actors and actresses, new shows or movies etc. usually done through a combination of promotion and appearances on celebrity magazines, TV entertainment programs, tabloids, talk shows etc.

Home Video (distribution) – Movies, films or video that is released directly to customers via retail outlets or through rentals.

Home Videos – 1. Motion pictures produced by amateur videographers. 2. A movie specifically designed to be distributed for home entertainment on DVD.

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