Video Terminology Glossary F:
Video, Filmmaking and Multimedia Words and Terms

Feature (movie) – A full-length movie (minimum length of 80 minutes) that is the main attraction on a movie theaters program.

Film – 1. A thin piece or strip of plastic (or other material) that is coated with an emulsion that is light-sensitive. It is used in a camera to capture images. 2. A motion picture. 3. (Verb) to capture an event on film.

Film Camera – A camera that uses film as the recording and storage media for the images that it captures.

Film Festival – A (film) festival is an event that is staged where multiple films are screened for the participants in the event. In some festivals the films may be judged by a panel of experts and those films that are most well-liked can receive awards.

Film Out (process) – A digital to film process for movies intended for theatrical release. A digital video master file is recorded out to 35mm film using a film recorder.

Filmmaker – A person that is the originator and creator of a movie.

Fine Cut  (editing) – The stage of editing where you have a satisfactory version of the film or video. At this stage the project is not finished yet as there still could be things like music to add or mix, visual effects, titles etc. before you have the finished product.

Flash Memory – A portable solid-state digital storage medium that can be electrically erased and rewritten to many times. Flash memory is a digital chip and comes in many sizes/shapes and is compact, convenient, economical and easy to use. It is the most popular form of storage media for digital devices such as computers, cell phones, digital cameras etc. (Also see: Flash Memory for Camcorders).

Flicker – The phenomenon of video frames rapidly getting lighter and darker to the eye as they change. Also see: Judder and Strobing.

Foley – Sound effects such as the sound of footsteps, clothes rustling, objects moving in the background etc. These type of sound effects are named after the legendary Hollywood sound effects person Joe Foley.

Frame (film and video) – A frame is one still image that will be combined with a series of other frames (still images) that will constitute a moving picture. Standard frame rates vary depending on the medium there shot in. Some typical rates are: Film = 24 frames per second, Television = 25 (up to 29.97) frames per second.

Frame Lock (editing) – (See definition: Picture Lock).

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