The Video Production Script:
The "Roadmap" for Your Video Production!

Video production script

The video production script is your written vision of what it will take to get your video made and more importantly…

The "Road Map" on how to get there...!

No matter if you’re videoing a simple birthday party or making a Hollywood movie… Using some form of a script will help organize your effort.

What Is a Video Production Script?

A Video Production Script is your completed video in written  form. It is your vision of what the video is and your roadmap on how to get your production done!

It is done so that you can shoot the right  footage and gather all  the other material you need to complete the video production process.

It also can be a plan that will not only help you in your Pre-production work...

But... help you also to build your video in Production and Post-production more rapidly and efficiently.

Even if it’s only a few notes to yourself... using a script will help you stay organized!

Settling on a video production script and following it allows you to navigate and stay on course throughout the post-production of the project and not give in...

Too  much  anyway... (smile) ...

To the inevitable creative temptations to change parts and sections of your video “a million times” during its production! A good script will keep you on track…!  And… most importantly… Will help you produce a video that you can be proud of!

Developing and Using a Video Production Script...

Developing a video production script

Generally you start a video production with an outline of what the “story” or “message” of your video will be. It will be your blueprint for the visual telling of the story or event.

The script itself is usually developed from the thoughts or discussions centered on the outline. A script is in a linear structure that is made up of parts... and all of these parts make up the whole  video.

The script details such things as the...

  • Imagery
  • Characters
  • Music
  • Action
  • Dialog
  • Camera shots
  • Sound effects
  • Voice-overs
  • Graphics
  • Lighting
  • Locations

The script will include all  the ingredients that will go into your production. It is your guide!

The video production script is part of the video production process and is normally written before the production is started, but in some situations however, such as a live event that is being filmed or...something unexpected or newsworthy happens... A video production script might be developed after  the event.

This type of script would be used to create a coherent story or viewpoint for the video after shooting the material for it. You can use it in post-production when you're doing your digital video editing of the material.

Types of Scripts...

Types of video production scripts

Depending on the size and scope of your video production you may work with various types and combinations of scripts.

Here are a few of the main types that you may use...

The "Outline Script"...

This is a short description of the production based on the original idea for the project. It should also contain information about the estimated time and resources required to make the video. 

The purpose of the outline script is to make the writing process more efficient and focused.

Using an outline will help you produce a Full Script  that will meet the objectives of the original idea and be achievable within the budget that you have.

The "Camera Script"...

 The camera script is a cue sheet  indicating the various camera positions to be used in shooting a scene. A camera script usually outlines for the camera operator or operators... The exact...

And... precise camera moves the director wants throughout the scene.

The "Full Script"...

This is the main script for everyone  involved in the project.  It’s where the script writer breaks the story down in sequence... Page by page and scene by scene describing the...

  • Action
  • Characters
  • Backgrounds and 
  • Camera points-of-view

As well as... all dialogsThis type of script will also commonly show the locations for shooting and other resources required for the video production as well.

Once your script has been worked out as fully as possible… This leads naturally in to creating the Storyboard!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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