Video Editing Software:
Learn How to Perform Video Magic!

Video editing software

Video editing software… powerful, sophisticated and simple!

You can perform magic if you know how to use your editing software like an expert …!


All you need are the raw materials…

  • Images,
  • Video clips
  • Music,
  • Sounds,
  • Graphics and...
  • Any transitions or effects that you want to include...

 And… Voila!…  You can create wonderfully entertaining videos for everyone to see! 

Hollywood video editingAt your fingertips... you have the power to create the sophisticated, lavish and multifaceted video productions that were only reserved for Hollywood professionals 30 years ago!

 Let's explore this a little further and see what these marvelous video editing software programs are, how they work and how to choose the one that's right for you!

Video Editing Sage – questions to ask yourself before you buy video editing software

* Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before you buy a video editing software program...

Question #1:
Is My Video Editing Computer Powerful Enough?

Video editing computerYou might not think about it but… the power of your video editing computer is just as important as the editing software that you choose to run on it.

Video editing can be slow or even impossible if your editing computer cannot easily run your editing software!

These things and more will go a long way in determining how your video editing software will run on your machine.

VideoEditingSage – things to remember about video editing

Just Remember This about Video Editing...

* Video editing software puts as much, or more, strain and stress on a computer than running the latest video games and believe me… That's a lot of stress and strain!

So... when you're choosing your video editing software be sure to look at the requirements and specs to ensure that it will actually run easily on your computer.

Video editing computerNothing is more disappointing than starting to edit with your brand-new editing software program and finding that your computer does not have the power to run it properly!

 It's no fun when you open your editing software and this happens…

So… Just a Word to the Wise…

The power  of your computer is just as important as the editing software that you run on it!

  • Start editing and then you get a program freeze (ugh!)
  • Reopen your software start editing again and then you get another program freeze (grrr!!)...
  • Reopen your software again and continue editing and your computer crashes completely and you lose all of your work (scream ...*!#!).
  • Sit there silently looking at your blank computer screen thinking murderous thoughts…

VideoEditingSage tip #1

* Your video editing computer needs a lot of horsepower for you to run the latest  editing software efficiently!

Question #2:
What Type of Computer Operating System Will I Use?

Video editing computer operating systemThe type of video editing computer operating system you use is an important consideration when selecting your video editing software!

Whether you run Windows, Linux or Mac OS... Just be sure that your editing software is compatible with whatever operating system that you use and that you're very comfortable with and "know your way around" that operating system very well.

Simple question but… very important to take into consideration! You do need to know your way around your operating system if you want to be able to use your editing software to its full capacity.

VideoEditingSage Tip #2

* Video editing is easier, faster and more effective when you're an expert at using your computer!

Question #3:
Video File Formats... Am I Working with Larger Frame Sizes like HD?

Video file formatsSome video editing software is more efficient in handling one type of video file format then another. Be sure to find out what your video editing software handles best!

If so... If you are working with HD...  the brand of editing software you use and the computing power you have available do matter!

HD and other larger frame sizes are wonderful to work with and will give you a sharp, clear and professional looking visual but... they can be "hell" on your computer (and your peace of mind when editing) if you don't have enough power. Pay careful attention to the requirements and specs with both your software and hardware when you're working with this type of video file format.

VideoEditingSage Tip #3

* Having a good working knowledge of video file formats and compression is vital if you're going to easily input, edit and then output your video in a form that can be easily viewed!

Question #4:
Am I Buying This for Home Use or Am I a "Prosumer" (Expert Amateur)?

Video editing amateurIf you are a home user who does occasional editing you may want to start out with one of the free video editing programs that you can download online!

Some of them are excellent video editing platforms and will get you started learning the ins and outs of using NLE's (non-linear editing systems).

The interfaces are usually pretty intuitive and they're great for simple projects... and of course…  The price is right...!

If you are a more advanced video editor you may want to invest in a more sophisticated video editing program. Adobe, Sony, Pinnacle, etc… All make excellent programs that will give you the power to produce outstanding videos. Most of them can be purchased at a reasonable price and you can even "test drive them" with a 30 day free trial download!  

VideoEditingSage Tip #4

* The "best" video editing software is not the most expensive one but... The one that is easiest for you to use to get the results that you want!


Question #5:
Am I a Professional Editor or Want to Become One?

Professional video editorIf so, you'll need to learn and use the current industry-standard software!

The software you're trained on and using should, at the least, be able to input and output your video work in a variety of industry-standard video file formats.  That way if your project needs to go from one production house to another it can easily be transferred.

My advice is… train and become expert on something that professionals use routinely… for example: Avid, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro. If you become expert at editing on a high-end video editor the skills you will acquire should be easily transferable to other brands of professional video editing software. 

VideoEditingSage Tip #5

* Knowing how to use your video editing software expertly and using the standard video production process will keep you organized and help you produce a great video every time! 

The Bottom Line Is... Video Editing Software Is Really Just a Tool That You Use!

Video editing software is a tool!Video editing software is a tool that will help you bring your video production to life!

You, of course, are the one that will turn your idea or concept into an intelligent, creative and focused video that will be seen, heard and enjoyed by your audience. 

You of course also need to be able to shoot great material… Know your way around your digital video camera and how to compose your shots using great video production camerawork but…  Video editing software is the tool that will bring your video to life!

The best video editing softwareSo... What is the “best” video editing software? It's the one that you can learn easily and feel most comfortable using...!

Many of the video editing software programs on the market have interesting, fun and complex “bells and whistles” , fancy timelines and such but… Those things are useless if you can't learn what they're for and master the skill of how and when to use them.

Try a few different programs… see which one is the easiest for you to pick up and use. Most video editing software manufacturers will allow you to download a trial version of their software to try it out for free. This is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the software for yourself and see how it performs in your  hands and on your  computer.

Also...there are, of course, some excellent free video editing programs that you can download online if you want a simple but fully functioning program to start out with. Whatever video editing program you choose...  My advice is... choose the one that you  feel you can most easily learn and then use it a lot…! 

VideoEditingSage – video editing software is really just a tool!

And... in short order... You will truly be ready for more complex and powerful video editing programs as you will have now attained the ability to make even better and more spectacular videos! 

Have some fun with these video editing programs…Get to know them backwards and forwards!

Soon you'll be an expert and able to create wonderful videos that everyone will want to see…!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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