The Video Editing Computer:
What is Needed for a Great Editing Computer?

Video editing computer

Video editing is one of the most demanding tasks for a modern video editing computer system to accomplish... Even more demanding on a computer than playing the latest high power video games...!

Let's take a look at what's needed for a great video editing computer…!


You need a lot of computing power to video edit with ease…!  That's because... Video editing applications push a computer's performance so extremely HARD ...!!

Computer Tech magazines and computer review web sites frequently use video editing programs to stress test and benchmark new computers and computer systems!! So... If you don't have a powerful enough editing computer system even the "once in a blue-moon " editing can be...

So… A Word to the Wise!

Even if you're downloading a free video editing software program that may not take as much horsepower as a professional package... Do your homework and make sure that you get a computer that has more than enough power to run your editing programs easily.

  • Tiresome
  • Very restrictive, and
  • Not something that you'll enjoy at all...!

You could end up applying an editing command and having to wait 30 minutes  or more rendering your video just to see what the results look like!

Or even worst... the system can crash...!

Believe me... It can be extremely aggravating without the right equipment!!

Whether you're compiling and editing your home videos, creating professional short films or editing high quality photos.

It's very important to consider the video editing software specs when buying a new computer or customizing and upgrading your old one  for video editing. Unfortunately, many older computers simply aren't fast or powerful enough for digital video editing, and you'll need to upgrade your system.  Video editing doesn't normally require a very expensive video editing computer, especially if you're a beginner...

Video editing computer – minimum specifications

Just remember that many computer software and hardware vendors will list a minimum computer system spec to run their software that is often not  adequate to really do the job.

While you will have just enough computing horse power to make the video editing software run... You may not get the full advertised performance from your video editing software and you will be disappointed.

VideoEditingSage – The Seven Important Computer Components for Video Editing!

* Listed below are seven important computer components for video editing. Be sure to  consider the specifications for these components and how they match up with your video editing software program when you are buying or upgrading a video editing computer...

#1: Processing Speed! The Computers "Brain"... The Central Processing Unit (CPU)...

Video editing computer CPU

Nearly every digital video editing computer software package available recommends running very fast and powerful Dual Processors or Multi-Core CPUs.

* The process of video editing is a very very CPU intensive one... Billions of calculations go into modifying even the most basic of video clips...

#2: The Computers Processing Power... Random Access Memory (RAM)...

Video editing computer RAM

Depending on the size of the video files and the power needed for the computer programs you're working with you might end up using whatever the maximum limits of what your motherboard allows. Extra RAM is always a good investment!

* It's very important to have a very hearty amount of RAM installed in your video editing computer...

#3: Your Digital Storage Space... The Computer's Hard Drive (HDD)...

Video editing computer harddrive

Hard drive selection often comes down to a blend of speed and size...with many users selecting an ultra-fast hard drive where their operating system, video editor and current working files are located...and then a larger, slower hard drive for mass data storage.

* Digital video footage takes up a lot of file storage space, and you'll need a large, fast and reliable drive to put it on...

#4: The Computer's Video Monitor(s)...

Video editing computer dual monitor

 By using multiple displays you can greatly expand your virtual desktop space. That way... you will have plenty of room to work when you are creating your videos. The more display space the better!

To do this however you'll need a powerful dual-output video card!

* Many video editors recommend use of multiple monitor displays...

#5: Your Computer's Video Card(s)...

Video editing computer video card

There are 2 types of popular monitor connections on video cards...

  • VGA (an analog signal, found on the older CRT type monitors) and
  • DVI (a digital signal used for modern LCD type flat screen monitors).

Since you can convert the DVI to VGA (or vice versa) with a cheap adapter cable...  you can look for either type of video card... as this will make the dual display VGA and/or DVI video card work very easily in your video editing computer. 

* Finding the right video card is a vital want to have a smooth running and powerful video computer!

More on Video Cards...


#6: Your Computer's Video Input and Output Ports (I/O)...

Video editing computer data ports

The best and fastest way to download video is through a Firewire  input. These inputs are also called IEEE 1394 port and/or iLink ports on PC's and MAC's and are made to download video. You will normally use this port to connect your video camcorder or digital video camera to the computer and download your video footage or photos.

A USB 2.0 port will also work in place of a Firewire port but... They aren’t nearly as fast, as a Firewire port, and don’t give you as many options for connecting and downloading external video devices to your computer.

* Be sure to look very carefully at the inputs and video capture ports  on any video editing computer you plan to buy...

#7: The Computer Multimedia Peripherals You Will Need for Video Making...

Blu-ray disc player

Installing a high quality sound card in your computer will let you do a better job of engineering the audio and as an added bonus... Many of these cards will come with some kind of audio recording utility software and basic audio mixing/editing tools for you to play with.

Also... If you plan on making videos and DVDs, you'll want a good sound card, speakers and headphones for your computer.

Other hardware like Blu-ray DVD Burners are now very affordable. They are, of course, a must for High-Def (HD) video work. And... at 50GB (or more) per disc they are also great for backing up data and archiving video material.

* Most videographers eventually find themselves doing a lot of soundtrack manipulation and basic audio engineering and editing...

Video Editing Doesn't Have To Be Difficult... If... You Have the Right Computer!

Whether you are looking to become a Pro… By working at making great videos using the video production, camerawork techniques and video production process that the experts use and make video editing your full time job... Or are just looking to edit the occasional home movie of the kids and family... Just remember...

You will still need to have the right computer equipment or you’ll find that video editing, as stated above... Can become cumbersome and annoying to do... But...with the right equipment...

It’s a breeze...!!!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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