Types of Video Productions:
The Different Categories of Video Productions

Types of video productionsWhat Type of Video Production Are You Doing?

What are the types of video productions? Your very first step in video production is deciding on what type of video you're going to make!

Let's take a look at what types there are...!


The Types of Video Productions...

Types of video productions – questions to askTwo questions every video producer, professional or amateur, has to ask himself before he gets started...

#1: What Kind of Video Productions Are There?

Let's see if we can break down, into broad categories, what types of video productions there are and what area they're used in. We can then see how we can apply the video production process to each one of these types. It'll be a little different for each one.

#2: Which Type of Video Production Am I Doing?

Each type has a different slant and techniques on how to make it. So what's the first thing to know about these different types of production's?

* Below are... in my opinion... the broad categories of video productions. Let's take a look at them and see how the video production process can be used to produce great videos in all of these categories!...

Corporate Video Productions...

Types of video productions – corporate videosCorporate videos can be used to present a variety of information to both customers and employees!

One of the biggest beneficiaries of this golden age of video production is Business.

The use of video in this area has skyrocketed in the last few years as a video is a fast, easy and engaging way to impart information to both customers and employees.

Some of the types of videos in this category include:

  • Corporate Videos
  • Webinars (recorded)
  • Company Culture Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Presentation Videos
  • PowerPoint Videos

Business videos have become a key to having a successful and expanding enterprise! Their use is an integral part of most companies communication strategies.

Advertising, Sales and Marketing Videos...

Types of video productions – Advertising, sales and marketing videosCreating a sales video is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get your customers attention!

It would be an understatement to say that the use of video in advertising, sales and marketing has exploded. Never before in history has there been such an emphasis in sales and marketing videos.

Their use has proven to be successful in educating customers on a particular product and boosting that product sales.

These videos go by many names ...  Here are just a few of the types of video productions used in this area:

  • Online Video Advertising
  • Promotional Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Unboxing Videos
  • Haul (shopping spree) Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Sizzle Reels
  • Advertising Videos
  • Real Estate Videos

Information Videos...

Types of video productions – Information videosInformation videos give the viewer specific information (the who, when, what, why, where and/or how-to) on on a specific subject.

Here are a few of these types of videos:

  • Training Videos (How–to)
  • "Tips Series" Video (for a particular subject)
  • Explainer Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Infomercials

They are wonderful tools for training and education.

They can literally bypass language barriers and give the viewer the concept of what something is and/or how something is done. The viewer can become proficient in some aspect of the subject in minutes!

Entertainment Videos...

Types of video productions – Entertainment videosWhen we say entertainment videos... The first thought would probably be Movies and Television...

And... quite rightly so as they have far surpassed any other type of entertainment form for popularity in this digital age but... There are others...


Here are just a few of the types of video productions in this category:

  • Music Videos
  • Travel Videos
  • Wedding Videos
  • Ceremonial Videos
  • Legacy Videos

News and Interview Videos...

Types of video productions – News and Interview VideosThe use of video to relay news and information is one of the oldest uses of this medium...

 It can bring information and events straight to the viewer in a way more powerful than any other type of communication source.

Here are a few of the types of videos in this category that we will take a look at:

  • Digital (Online) Journalism videos
  • Interview Videos
  • Video PSA (Public Service Announcements)
  • Documentary Videos
  • Oral Histories

News and information videos give you the sounds and sights of the news events as if you were right there. No need to imagine what might be going on... You can see it and hear it for yourself.

With the rapid advances in digital technology... There's more news gathering by videographers (amateur or professional) than ever before in history.  Anyone with a smart phone these days has the power to record news events... On the spot and in the moment... And then transmit them quickly and easily to a video platform where they can be viewed by millions.  Never before in history has the transmission of news events and information via video been faster!

These are the broad categories of types of video productions. It's a vibrant field… With new uses and variations on older uses being seen almost daily.

So... Now let's delve deeper into these types of video productions and see how you can produce a great video in any one of these areas!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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