What Is Mobile Video Advertising?

Mobile Video Advertising

The use of mobile video advertising has exploded with the advent of super-fast mobile digital devices and high-bandwidth 4G networks.

Advertising is the lifeblood of any business... If people don't know...

Advertising is the lifeblood of any business
  • Who you are,
  • What you sell and
  • Why they should buy it then, of course...

You will have no customers... and therefore... Soon be out of business!

When it comes to advertising anything... Nothing makes more of an impact than advertising with the help of a short and vibrant video!

I'm sure you've seen... If you use a mobile digital device... Some very clever and dynamic advertisements!

It's no wonder that nowadays nearly everyone in the business world wants to get into advertising their products and services through the use of mobile video advertising. To successfully make your business known, and for your products to sell, you naturally want to advertise where the most people (with the most spendable income) are. 

Where are the most "eyes and ears". In this new digital age... That place is people using their mobile digital devices. And of course… Dynamic video ads are a natural for this medium!

What Is so Special about This Form of Advertising?

Mobile Device Advertising

Well… It's advertising that is specifically designed for people using mobile devices such as mobile phones, computer tablets etc.

It's a little bit different form of advertising than you will find in Film, Television or Print media as it's developed just for these types of personal digital devices and their users.

Mobile device user preferences

* The preference of mobile device users is that they see advertisements that emphasize dynamic video and interactive media.

So most mobile video advertising is created along these lines... Colorful... Action-filled... and Dynamic...  with very special attention paid to how it looks on the mobile device's small screen.

Okay... You can get his attention with your video... Now... how do you put the "right" ad in front of that potential customer?

Mobile Programmatic Advertising... A New Way to Play the Advertising Game in the Digital Age...

Mobile Programmatic Advertising

Finding the "right" customer, the one that needs or wants your product, is the key to all advertising methods and strategies.

With the advent of 4G networks many people use their mobile devices as the focal point of their daily life. Their data connection is super fast, it's more affordable than ever and they have access to vast amounts of information almost instantly.

It's easy to see why advertisers covet this worldwide market and want to advertise across these networks.

They know that to compete with other advertisers in this market segment they have to understand and pay close attention to the buying habits of these potential customers.

So ... How do you best put the "right" advertisement in front of a busy mobile device user?

What Does the Customer Want? The Use of Mobile Programmatic Advertising Data…

Use of Mobile Programmatic Advertising Data

This is where the use of Mobile Programmatic advertising comes into play for advertisers.

Programmatic Advertising…

Relevant ads are served instantly to the mobile device of the user based on data gleaned from the person' s own real-time browsing habits!

 Mobile Programmatic advertising uses real-time data gleaned instantly from the mobile users own personal...

  • Browsing habits,
  • User profiles,
  • Preferences and
  • Buying habits...Etc.

So that the mobile marketer can put advertisements in front of him that will peak his interest at that particular moment. The key to programmatic advertising is speed !

It gets the advertised message in front of a prospective customer without delay.

That's quite an  advantage over the slower, more traditional video ad buying model that's been used in the past and advertisers are enthusiastically going "all-in" on this newer method.

What an advantage it is to be able to put your targeted ad, almost instantly, in front of a customer who, through his browsing habits and other information, has indicated that he may need or want (at that particular moment) what you're selling. 

This powerful combination of display advertising using dynamic and vibrant video, audio and images coupled with, real-time data that indicates that the customer may be interested in this particular product, is a hard combination to beat!

Mobile Video Advertising Growth...

We are truly in the new "Digital Age" and advertisers are "all-in" with using this medium to get their message across and get their products sold.

Programmatic market projections

The fact is ... For vast numbers of people, around the world, digital mobile devices are absolutely the key tool that they center their daily life around. Their attention is almost always on their mobile device!

Advertisers have quickly come to see the vast commercial potential of the mobile device and...

By using the immense power of mobile video advertising to interest and educate their potential customers in their products... they have made this type of advertising the most rapidly expanding part of their worldwide marketing plans!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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