Free Video Editing Software:
You Can't Say the Price Isn't Right!

Free video editing software

If you were to ask me... “Since there is free video editing software out there I can download... should I pay for a video editing software program...?”

My answer would be ...Check out the free ones like these first...!

If you are just starting out in video editing, or working with a video editing computer platform other than Windows or Mac... FREE  video editing software program may actually be the best selection for you.  Most of the free video editors are fairly easy to understand and use... They can especially give the beginner a great initiation into the essential procedures of digital video editing at no cost.

They will get you familiar with a variety of editing tools as well as... The video making workflow pattern that a lot of high-end professional video editing programs follow.

The free programs as I said above, are usually easy-to-use, fast and simple to understand and a lot of them are just plain fun to use…!

The Two Most Popular Free Video Editing Software Programs... Movie Maker and IMovie ...

IMovie and Movie Maker

Both the Mac and the Windows computer operating systems come with quite capable free editing software that is built-in or can be added on as part of their packages.

For Apple it is the iMovie program and for Microsoft Windows it's Movie Maker. Both of these video editors are good solid free editing software packages that are flexible in their usage and are powerful enough to give the beginner a solid initiation into the essential procedures of home video editing.

Apple’s iMovie is great for beginners or guys that want a quick way to make a video and then upload it to the Internet, a social media site or into a mobile device. Download it free here from the Apple download site (use the link below).

iMovie Download

When you use Movie Maker you are getting a very basic free video editing program for the Windows platform that is fun and easy to learn and use. Learn more about it and where to download it in this article.

Movie Maker Download

Is That All of the Free Editing Software Programs?


No… Not in the least…! There are virtually hundreds of free video editing software programs on the web. Some of them are great… And some of them not so good! The ones below have been around for quite a while and work very well.

Some of the most popular are:

  • VIRTUALDUB (video processor)
  • WAX
  • ZS 4 VIDEO EDITOR (The new incarnation of ZWEI-STEIN)

And that is just to name a few…!

So... Just Remember!

As I said at the top…

If you are just beginning to do your own video editing or... You’re working with a computer platform other than Windows or Mac... a free program may be right for you.

Just remember that with “FREE” video editors some times you do “get what you pay for” but, since there is very little risk... Hey... Go for it...!! Just remember…  You still have to know how to operate your digital video camera expertly and know how to get a great shot using the techniques of video production camerawork as part of the video production process.

That way you'll always have great material to work with no matter if you're using professional video editing software or editing software you've downloaded online for free...!

The main thing is... That you start your video production as soon as possible...!!

The world wants to SEE what you have to say...!!!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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