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What Is Windows Movie Maker?

What is Windows movie maker?

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing software, included with the older Microsoft Windows operating systems or you can download Movie Maker from Microsoft or other download sites such as CNET's if you have one of the newer operating systems.

Can You Use Windows Movie Maker on a Mac?

Movie Maker is for PCs only. The first version was available in the old Windows Me operating system... followed by Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

In Windows Vista the original Movie Maker program was replaced by its predecessor Windows Live Movie Maker which is based on a different code and has a little bit different functionality.

The Windows 7 operating system also has a Windows Live Movie Maker version that is somewhat less robust than the original Movie Maker (2.1). The catch on this is that Windows 7 doesn't come with Live Movie Maker installed... you have to download it from Microsoft.

Some users who like the old Movie Maker much more than the Live Movie Maker version have installed the older version Movie Maker (2.1) from Windows XP (or download Movie Maker 2.1) to Windows VISTA, and Windows 7 systems with success.

You can download Movie Maker 2.1 and it will work with both of those newer Microsoft operating systems.

Movie Maker can be a little strange sometimes in the way it saves files and moves them around. You can still get tips and advice for the older Movie Maker 2.1 however from various sites... like this one (

The Movie Maker Video Editing Layout...

The Windows movie maker layout

The layout for the original Windows Movie Maker (2.1) consists of...

A Collections  area for organizing and saving imported media (video, pictures and music) for your project. A Preview  pane to see the video project as it is coming together.

A place to view the media you have assembled for editing called the Storyboard  view. When in the Storyboard view, the video project appears as a filmstrip showing each segment in the form of clips. You can switch to a more familiar Timeline  view if you prefer. The Timeline view shows the individual media in sequence. The Storyboard/Timeline  area consists of four "bars":

  • Video Bar
  • Audio Bar
  • Music/Audio bar
  • Titles/Credits bar

In the appropriate bar - video clips, pictures, and/or music can be added for editing. The media in the Video, Music/Audio and Audio bars can be cut (separated/edited) into any number of short segments (clips) all of which will play together seamlessly or can be rearranged into a different sequence.

The individual segments are isolated editing-wise so... for example... the music volume can be lowered for just a few seconds while someone is speaking.

When you use Movie Maker you are getting a very basic video editing program that is fun and easy to learn and use.

Be sure to get Movie Maker 2.1 if you want the most robust version for video editing.

Download Movie Maker Free at These Sites...

Download movie maker

An Important Note for You Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 Users…

Microsoft had a version of Movie Maker for Windows 8-10 that was included in the Windows Essentials package back in 2012. Microsoft has since ended support for Windows Essentials (2017)... so... You can't download it from Microsoft any longer. You may still be able to find it (Windows Essentials) by doing a search of the web... But ... Before you download it (as with anything you download off the web)... be sure it's from a source that you trust.

Windows Movie Maker for XP, Vista and Windows 7 can be downloaded here at Just pick the version that is correct for your operating system and click on the button below...

Windows XP
Win Vista
Windows 7

It's a great little editing program for the more experienced video editors as well as,the beginning videographer...!


Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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