Digital Video Editing Basics:
You Have To Know the Basics If You Want to Edit like a Pro!

Digital video editing basics

Your command of digital video editing basics are the key to making a video or movie that creates precisely the effect you want to create on your audience...!

Here are some of the basics of how to edit video like a Pro…!

Digital Video Editing Is an Art!

In digital video editing is an art

The craft of digital video editing involves learning the editing basics and then practicing them until you achieve full competency in their use.

As with all the arts... Your creativity and your command of the craft are very important if you are to create the effect that you want your video or movie to have on your audience.

* The more you understand about editing basics as a whole.. The better you will be at using them to create the impact that you want your message or story to have on your audience!

Understanding the Digital Video Editing Basics Will Help You Master Your Editing Software...

Mastering Video editing software

Software designers do their best to make video editing programs as versatile as possible... Trying to suit every possible need but... 

If you look through the manuals that accompany these products they are really aimed squarely at a large middle-ground of users.

They do not go out of their way to find the most creative uses of their products... It is up to you  to find what parts of their software you can use and what is superfluous.

VideoEditingSage Tip

* Knowing the digital video editing basics well will enable you to make the editing software program work for you and will also allow you to use your video editing software in very creative ways!

If everyone were to use their digital video editing software in the same way the chances of the software makers broadening the technology would be slight. So learn the video editing basics well and be very  creative with your video making!!

In choosing  the best video editing software for you ... it is useful to look at what kinds of technical issues you may have to deal with...What certain bits of jargon mean and, of course... How your editing needs can best  be served!

The Basic Digital Video Editing Steps...

The basic digital video editing steps

Just about all software programs for digital video editing use the same basic chain of events.

From the most elementary software program that just cuts and pastes your clips together...To the most powerful professional video editing software programs that have tons of special effects and added features... The actual editing process is about the same in all of them. So...learning the digital video editing basics... From the capturing of the raw camera footage into your computer to the exporting of the finished movie will give you an understanding of video editing as a whole.

This understanding will give you the confidence to try out all sorts of video editing software programs and the experience you will gain will allow you to discover which kind of video editing software is best for you.

 If you are new to digital video editing then the digital video editing basics below will roughly explain the fundamental steps you can take in putting together a movie...

Digital Video Editing step #1
  • Capture your raw footage from your camcorder into your computer.

Digital Video Editing step #2
  • Choose the bits of footage you want to work with and make them into video clips.

Digital Video Editing step #3
  • Get all your clips into a file on your computer hard drive where they can easily be found.

Digital Video Editing step #4
  • Import them into your video editing program.

Digital Video Editing step #5
  • Trim your clips to the right length.

Digital Video Editing step #6
  • Play around with the clips on the timeline or filmstrip until you have them arranged and in the order you want them in.

Digital Video Editing step #7
  • Add your audio and any special effects.

Digital Video Editing step #8
  • Make your movie!

Digital Video Editing step #9
  • Export the finished movie on to video tape, into a computer file, upload it to the net or on to a DVD.

I hope this will give you a rough idea of the sequence of actions in putting together a digital movie.

We’ll go into more detail about digital video editing basics in future articles!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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