Corporate Video Production:
How to Get A Business Video Made!

Corporate video production

A corporate video production can reach both your customers and your employees in ways that other media can't!

Let's take a look at three ways you can get one made for your company!

First… Why Would You Want to Produce a Corporate Video?

People love videos

People love videos!  They engage, interest, entertain and disseminate information in ways that other media can't!

For your customers or employees it's far easier to gain the understanding of the Idea, Message or Information that you're trying to get across by watching a video than to read it as text alone.

The power of corporate videos

* Videos are powerful enough to bypass language completely to get across the whole concept that you're presenting! 

You can communicate to your audience what something is or how to do something by just having them see it... They don't even have to understand the words!

Videos are...

  • Interesting,
  • Aesthetic and
  • Entertaining...

Thus making it easier to capture and hold the audiences attention and, in turn, making it easier to make an impact and get the message through that you want them to see and hear.

A corporate video production can easily and rapidly be disseminated in many ways and very cheaply. Search engines love videos! Social media platforms love videos! Videos can be accessed easily on computers, smart phones and other digital devices. They are one of the most perfect forms of communication in this digital age!

Three Ways to Produce Your Video…

Three ways to produce your video

If you are a businessperson I'm sure you already recognize the power of videos in marketing, promotion and for internal uses in your company such as training, team-building and imparting company news and accomplishments.

There are three ways that you can produce a corporate video...

  • Do-it-yourself video production.
  • Hire an independent videographer.
  • Hire a video production company.

Whether you're a large company with a substantial production budget... or a small or medium-size company that has to watch every penny... Producing corporate videos are a must if you want to keep your business expanding. The above three ways of corporate video production of course also...  give you a rough scale of what a production may cost.

So... How will you get one made? Let's take a look at them individually...

#1: Do-It-Yourself Video Production...

Doing the video production yourself

The least amount of cost but... Normally the most outlay of time and effort... and... sometimes... Aggravation... (smile).

If you do have some expertise in the area however... then go for it... It certainly can be a lot of fun! I go over some the pros and cons of do-it-yourself corporate videos in this article. A lot of the articles on this site can help you if you want to go that route.

But... if you really don't have the...

  • Equipment,
  • Time,
  • Expertise and/or
  • Inclination... 

You are much more likely to get a more professional looking and sounding product if you go with the other two ways of producing a corporate video but... Don't be afraid to do one yourself... It's not that hard to do if you can put the time in on it!

Here is a nice little promotional video for a real estate company that's vibrant, short and to the point. This is the kind of video that can be produced by an individual. Notice that it basically uses stock photos and video... And it relies heavily on text and not narration.

This is the sort of video that, as long as you know what you want to say, and you have some stock material, you can easily use an online video editor to put your promotional video together.

#2: Using a Freelance or Independent Videographer…

Freelance videographer

Usually a more reasonable cost than a corporate video production company but... The service may be a lot less robust as...  an independent videographer is usually a "one-man band".

This normally means that even though the charge for the service may be cheaper... The finished product may take longer and may be less unique than you might like. This doesn't mean however that you will not get a video that is very well-made and professional... Many independent videographers do a great job!

The real point here is that... The freelance videographer's resources (camera equipment, editing facilities and production crews) are normally more limited and may take a little more time to assemble than what a video production house can promise.

Another big plus point for them however is that... You're more likely to have more flexibility if you want to change some aspect of the video during its creation. Usually once a video production house is locked in with the script... then any script and storyboard changes are seldom allowed. If they are it will cost you more money.

With a videographer you'll probably get a chance to be a little more "hands on" with your video. If that appeals to you then a freelance or independent videographer might be the way to go.

Inside look at how a independent videographer goes about producing a small business video for his client.

#3: Using a Corporate Video Production Company…

Independent video production company

The most expensive way to go but... you should get the benefit of being able to give them your idea and vision for your video and then have them take it all the way to completion from there.

Normally they're going to have a full and professional... Pre-production, Production and Post-production crew that will push through the completion of your video in the shortest amount of time and in-budget.

You should be able to expect a very high quality and professional product... In the style that you want it. At a higher cost naturally... but... with a minimal outlay of your  time and attention.

Here is a wonderful example of a corporate video production made by a highly skilled production company. They basically just take stock photos and narration and create a compelling video for Dodge Ram trucks that customers will have a hard time taking their eyes off of. This is an example of a top-notch professional advertising video!

If You're Using an Independent videographer Or a Video Production Company… Here Are Some Tips…

Corporate video production tips

Whether you are using a videographer or a production company you still need to be involved with the production!

A corporate video production is a process that... whether you're using an independent videographer or production house you must be... to a greater or lesser degree... involved in if you want that perfect video that says just what you want it to say about your product or company.

So... Keep these things in mind...

* Are You "Clear" on What You Want?

Do you (yourself) have a very good idea of...

  • The audience you want to reach...
  • What you want to say and...
  • The message you want to get across to them with the video that you want to have made?

It will be of vital importance that you are very clear on this so that the videographer or the video production company knows exactly how to...

  • Script,
  • Storyboard,
  • Shoot and
  • Video Edit...

The material into a completed product.

 So ... After meeting with the video producer be sure you have confidence that they understand and can get across the idea, concept or message that you want your customers or employees to get from your corporate video production.

* Be Sure to Look at Their Work before Hand…

A question to keep in mind is...  Do you get the impression that the videographer is a professional? 

Or...if it's a production company...

Do they have a team of professionals that are creative, detail oriented and can push through the production on time and in-budget?

How do you find out... Well...

  • You ask lots of questions,
  • Look at their work,
  • What does their portfolio look like?
  • Have they done anything that looks like what you want your video to look like?
  • Do they seem from your observation to have experience in getting a good product?

Ask, Ask, Ask... and make sure they show you some of the actual videos they've produced so that you have a good idea what their style is and what the look and feel of their videos will be like. If they can't do this there are plenty of independent videographers or corporate video production companies that can.

So ...Pick a video production company or videographer that can show you their work and provide references from satisfied customers and seems like they understand what you  want!

*How Much Control Will You Have over the Production?

How fully can you participate in the making of this video?

Meaning... Can you see how the video is shaping up at various points in the production so that you don't get "surprised" at the end by being presented with a video that is "missing the mark".

It's important that you get a very professional looking and sounding product that delivers the message or the information you want to get across with impact. If your video doesn't... it's a wasted effort.

*Your Company Will Be Judged by the Quality of the Video That Is Produced!

Just remember that any corporate video production that you put out represents your company and... That the people (your customers, employees or audience) watching that video are going to know your company by the message and production values that they see. You want it to promote your company, its products, services and give the customer (your audience) the impression that your company is...

  • Sharp,
  • High-quality and
  • Professional.

This also goes for a corporate video production that you are producing for in-house uses such as training or teamwork and morale building. Any video that represents your company needs to put your company's best foot forward so... Be sure to check into how much control you have over the production values and content as your video is being made and the video stays on track with the idea, message or information you want to get across.

You want your corporate video production to be effective and you want to be proud to show it to everyone!

If you're not interested in producing a corporate video yourself... Most independent videographers and video production companies do a great job!

Just follow the tips above and you can have a video produced that's a great tool for expanding your company!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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