Camera Angles Low-Angle Shot:
Make Your Subjects Look More Powerful!

The Low Angle Camera ShotThe Low Angle Camera Shot

The camera angles low-angle shot is below eye level looking upward at the subject. This shot can have quite an impression on your audience…!

Here's how you use it...!


This view is also called an "Up-Shot". It shows the subject from below... Giving them the impression of being "bigger" more "powerful" or "dominant".

The Effect of the Low Angle Shot…

Low Camera Angle – Authoritative Shot"Dominant"
Low Camera Angle – More Sinister"Sinister"

This shot is a great tool for the videographer or filmmaker. A low-angle shot can make a character look...

  • Bigger
  • Meaner
  • Stronger
  • Nobler
  • Dominant
  • Authoritative

It can also give the impression of height.

Low-angles are not a good shot to show detail like the close-up shot, as they sometimes distort the body and face of the subject .

One place this camera angle is used to great affect is when you are videoing a subject that is talking. The camera positions of newscasts and talk shows are often set just below the eye level of the anchor or host for a reason.

Low angle camera shot"Authority"
Low Angle Camera Shot"Height"

We literally look up at them, and this communicates a sense of "authority " and "credibility ". These angles are also frequently used in political ads.

The "Trunk Shot"… A Special Use of the Low Angle Shot…

Low Angle Camera Shot – Trunk ShotThe "Trunk" Shot

A very special use of the low-angle camera shot is a shot that's called the "trunk shot".

Low Camera Angle – The Trunk ShotLooking through the Characters Eyes!

This shot is a very subjective viewpoint for the audience and gives them the impression that they are looking out of the characters eyes and are seeing exactly what he's seeing at the moment.


It can be very powerful! It pulls them into the scene or shot and makes them think and feel along with the character in the movie.

It's not used often (and probably shouldn't be) but, when used, it certainly gives a very unique view and, if used correctly, has a great impact on the audience.

Video Editing – the use of the Trunk Shot

 * This shot is used to very good effect in mystery, sci-fi, horror and gangster movies! And... few directors use it better than Quentin Tarantino! Here is a Trunk Shot  from Pulp Fiction...

Tips on Using the Low Angle Camera Shot…

Low angle camera shot

A little goes a long way…! When you shoot your scenes... be sure to carefully consider these views and how they will impact your viewer... and also…

Low Angle Camera Shot Tip #1
  • Don't overuse this shot as it will tend to lose its effectiveness with your audience. A little really does go a long way!
Low Angle Camera Shot Tip # 2
  • Using this angle can make your audience feel more "vulnerable" to the antagonist in the scene and may help engender empathy for a particular character (such as the "Hero" or "Heroine" of the story).
Low Angle Camera Shot Tip # 3
  •  When using camera angles (other than eye-level) sometimes it's a little harder to keep the camera steady, so just make sure you work out a way to avoid any camera shake while using this angle.
Low Angle Camera Shot Tip # 4
  • Using different camera angles are a good way to break  monotony in a video. They give the video interesting looks and keep the audience involved with the action so be sure to use a variety of them when you're shooting your video!

Shooting from various camera angles can help you create the exact emotional response you want from your audience...!

Have fun with them and also… Learn to use them well!!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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