The Camcorder Battery: How to Choose the Right One Because... No Power = No Video!

The camcorder battery is one of the biggest reasons why a digital video camera so easy to use… It would take a hell of a long extension cord wouldn't it to plug in your camera at home and then shoot that barbecue out by the beach (laugh)...!

Here is some information that you can use about video camera batteries…!

So…  If you say to yourself… What do I really need to know about camera batteries anyway?  Well… to shoot like a "Pro"... things like…

*  What type is the best for your camera and for what you'll be shooting?

*  How you can handle and care for them so they last longer?

*  How do you conserve power so that you can make it all the way through an event that you're shooting before you run out of power?

As I said at the top… No power = No video! 

So…for some answers… Let's start with what are the main types of batteries for your digital video camera.

The Three Main Camcorder Battery Types...

There are three main types of camcorder batteries.

  • Which is better?
  • What are the pros and cons of each? 

 In this article on Camcorder Battery Packs we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each of these types of batteries.

I'm sure this information will be helpful to you the next time you need to buy a battery for your camera.

Battery Tips… How to Handle Your Camera Batteries Properly…

Did you know that brand-new batteries (if they are not a lithium ion type) need to be fully charged and discharged (cycled) a few times before they are "conditioned" to charge to full capacity?

In this article on Digital Camera Battery Tips I'll go over 16 tips that you can use to...

*  Improve the life of your battery

*  Charge your battery more efficiently

*  Safety tips on the care and handling of your batteries

*  How to store your batteries properly...

And a lot more!

Camera Battery Terms You Should Become Familiar with...

What is a Volt? …or an Amp???

What does it mean when some experienced videographer says that he "zapped" his video cameras battery to make it last longer or to revive it?

We'll go over some of the basic battery definitions in this article.

Knowing these simple basics will help you to understand batteries a bit better, care for them properly .

Knowing the basics can also help you the next time you want to buy the best battery you can for your camera.

Conserving Camcorder Power...

When you're shooting video out in the field you rely on your batteries for the power to run your camcorder.

If your batteries go dead then… No video! It's as simple as that!

If you've ever been shooting video, such as a live event... like a wedding... and then all of a sudden you see that red low-power light come on...

All I can say is… Facing the bride and groom and telling them that you were not able to shoot the whole event is a hard thing to do!

The same, of course, goes for shooting any event that you know is just going to happen once!

If you run out of power… You're out of luck! Here are some battery power conservation tips so that this doesn't happen to you! The power from your camcorder battery is your most vital resource when you're shooting video.

A good working knowledge of what they are, what type of battery is the best one for your camera and how to take care of them so they are reliable is valuable information if you want to shoot great video!

Or any video as... No Power = No Video !

So...learn a bit about how your batteries work because... You never want to run out of power when you're out there shooting your video masterpiece!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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