Producing Your Own Business Webinar:
It's Easier Than You Think and Great for Your Business!

Producing your own Business webinar

Producing a business webinar is a fabulous way of reaching your customers on a personal level! And... Actually producing one is not as complicated as you may think! A friend of mine does hers out of her own living room! Here's how she does it!

A friend of mine has been producing her own webinars at home to enhance the marketing and promotion of her small business. It is been a fabulous tool for her to boost her interaction with her customers (and potential customers) and thus... Boosting her income through sales and referrals.

 If you know a little bit about video production and the video production process ... You can easily navigate your way through producing and live-streaming your own business webinar.


Okay...First... What Is a Webinar?

What is a webinar?Here is a bit of a look at what webinar is and how they're used...

A webinar (web + (sem) inar) is a conference, symposium, meeting, convention, forum etc. that is conducted over the Internet through the use of video conferencing software.

It can be live or it can be recorded. It's usually done for the purposes of discussion, imparting information, sales presentations or training.

Normally a business webinar is interactive... meaning the attendees and the host have the ability to discuss the topic (give and receive information) during the webinar in real time.  During the webinar the host is also able to share a variety of information such as documents, pictures, graphs and desktop applications.

Webinars are usually recorded and edited so that they can be played back at a later date for people wanting to go back over the presentation to gain a better understanding of the information or if they missed out on the webinar... To be able to hear and see the information that was presented.

Webinars Can Be a Fantastic Tool for the Promotion and Marketing of a Small Business…

Webinar for promotion and salesFor my friend... These productions have been a fabulous promotion and marketing tool for her business and one that... Once she had the basic equipment and resources...

Her webinars were easy to set up and webcast. She's been able to produce her business webinars at a relatively low cost, especially compared to the income that she has brought in from giving them.

Any small business that finds it useful (and profitable) to interact with their customers and reach people directly find streaming live webinars very valuable.

Small businesses need to use the "personal touch" is much as possible as they seldom have the large promotion and marketing budgets that their bigger rivals have... And therefore.. can't reach his many people as the larger companies. Webinars are a perfect way to accomplish this for small businesses.

How DoYou Produce a Business Webinar... Yourself?

Producing a webinarWhat do you need to produce a webinar?

My friend, who is a real estate broker, uses webinars to great advantage in reaching her prospective customers. Through her webinars she can give them all the information and latest news about what's happening in the world of real estate in their area!

Her business webinars cover the ins and outs of purchasing a home.

What people should look for when inspecting the home, how to finance their purchase, etc. and ... She does the webinars right out of her own living room!  She and her husband are the two-person video production crew!

The video production set up is a simple three-point lighting with one HD digital video camera... They use a modified single camera interview technique as the stage set up.

For the audio they use an external microphone for better sound quality and control but... You can use the internal camera microphone just as well... And... they make sure to ask the neighbors (like myself) if they can keep the noise down for the hour or so that they are doing the webcast... Which we are happy to do (smile)!

She uses Google Hangouts to reach the attendees and the event is live-streamed on YouTube. By streaming the webinar on Google Hangouts she is able to conference everybody in so that the webinar session becomes interactive.

People can type in or ask their questions, give their comments and, of course, see and hear her presentation. Part of her webinar is information contained in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations... She uses PowerPoint to illustrate information or to give facts and figures in the form of graphs and illustrations. They're easy to do and look very professional!

Each webinar is recorded using screen capture software, in this case... Camtasia screen capture and editing software. She does this so that it can be recorded, edited and uploaded to her business YouTube channel.  That way it can be later retrieved and viewed on the Internet as a Webcast.

Do you want to get an idea of what it takes to webcast your do-it-yourself webinar? Here is a nice video from Lisa Stoops @ on how to webcast a webinar using Google Hangouts. Enjoy!

Knowing a Bit about Video Production Is Very Helpful If You Want to Easily Produce Your Own Webinars…

Video production basicsKnowing some video production basics will go a long way in helping you to produce a great webinar telecast!

The rules of video production definitely apply here when doing a webinar...

Especially the pre-production and production workAnd... Of course... If you later want to rebroadcast your webinar as a webcast then you'll have to put a little work into the post-production of the event... especially the video editing part of it.


VideoEditingSage Tip! – Producing a business webinar

There are many articles on this site that can help you navigate through to the successful production of a great webinar or video! Be sure to check them out!

If your business thrives on having personal contact with your customers... Then producing business webinars are well worth the effort... As using them gives you the ability to connect directly with your customers... No matter where they are... which could mean big profits for your business and you!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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