The Best Video Editing Software for You!

What is the best video editing software for you?

The best video editing software for you???

Your success with video making is mostly about what you know ... and not what you use as your video editor!


How Do You Make a Great Video?

How to make a great video!Making a great video is far more than just using the "best video editing software"...

Just as... building a fine house takes a lot more than just using the "best" hammer! Your success with video making is mostly about what you know  about video production and editing... And not what you use  as your video editor.

Knowing the craft of video editing is essential to make your videos enjoyable for everyone to watch. Videos that are just a collection of disconnected ideas are meaningless to an audience... Just remember that...

  • Software is just a tool...
  • It is you that make the video!

That is why the best software is which ever one you  find easiest for you to learn and work with.

My advice to you is...try several  different programs when looking for "the best video editing software". There are many free editing programs that are very good. Also, most of the video editing programs that are not free will give you a free trial period to evaluate them - you can then see if they're a program you would want to buy and use or not.

Video Editing Sage – advice about video editing software

My advice is this... Try several different video editing programs until you find the one (or more than one) that you like and it's easy for you  to use!

Great Storytelling Is the Key to Making a Great Video!

Storytelling is the key to video editing!The quality of your videos don't really start with your video editing software ...

 They start with your...

  • Observations
  • Dreams
  • Concepts and ideas of...what Is...or...what is Possible...

You then make them into a STORY  with sound and motion... with the use of your software program... That you  then produce and edited into a video. Your creation is then put on the Big  (or Little Screen  for an audience to...

  • See
  • Hear
  • Experience and
  • Enjoy

You have seen many compelling and entertaining videos flow smoothly through diverse scenes that lead you through a wonderful story... While others are painful to watch in their attempts to create meaning with choppy, unorganized video clips.

Video Editing Sage – video editing technique versus technology

What makes the difference is the quality  of the video editing!  Just remember that... it's your technique  not the technology  that really governs the success of your video to communicate what you want to say to your audience!


What Is the Best Video Editing Software Program for You?

The best video editing programYour video editing program is one of your most important tools! What you really need in an editing software program..."the best video editing software for you "... will depend on...

  • Your level of expertise...
  • The complexity of the video concept that you are bringing to life...

And the editing software's compatibility with your digital video camera and video editing computer. Video editing software programs separate out, more or less, on the basis of...

  • Tool packages...
  • Special effects...
  • Authoring capability and...
  • How they handle production flow.

The video editing knowledge  and concepts  that you need to understand in order to successfully use any of the popular video editing packages are mainly universal...and can be used with any video editing software program.

All of the more popular editing programs do a pretty good job of providing you with the tools that you will need to produce great videos. It will be your knowledge and understanding of the video program and how to use it that will help you create the kind of videos that your audience will love.

So… The "best video editing software" program for you will be the one that you can learn the easiest and enjoy using the most. If those two factors are present then you'll do a lot of video editing because it will be a joy to do! It may take some experimentation and some time to work with several programs but… once you find the right one you'll know it!

Video Editing Sage – periodic reviews of video editing software, free video editing software programs and camcorders

Of course we will try to take some of the guesswork out of it by having periodic reviews of… Video editing programs, Free video editing software and Camcorders...

So that you can better choose the equipment and software that is right for you!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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