Beginning Video Production:
Where to Start and How to Do It!

How to produce a video

Here Is a Question I Received Recently about Beginning Video Production….

"Thank you for such an informative and helpful site. I know some photography and photo composition and I now want to get into video production.

I want to create professional-looking educational and sales videos for my small business, but not have to become "Stephen Spielberg" in the process!! I really don't know where to start to learn video production or video editing. What are the steps?


Jesse (California, USA)"

VideoEditingSage – thank you for your question

Thank you for your question! I'm always very happy to hear from someone who is interested in making videos. I don't know what your expertise level is but, if you are just getting started, I would recommend that you start by first learning some basic information about the craft of video production. Here are a few tips on this...


How to Plan out and Keep Your Production Moving Forward!

The video production processThe first thing to know is that there is a video production process...

 Since you are just beginning video production you should become very familiar with it as one of your first action's... It is the framework of how you create a video from start to finish.

It can be precisely followed or roughly followed but... it is the way to most efficiently go from "Bright Idea" to "Completed Project". Following a video production process will enable you to push your video projects through to completion. 

Believe me... When you're in the middle of a production...  You'll have a thousand ideas on which way this or that can go and if you don't have a process you are following... Well... Producing just one video can become your "life's work" (laugh).

So... Do little bit of planning beforehand and push your video through to a rapid completion using the basic video production process.

VideoEditingSage – The Video Production Process

This page..."The Video Production Process Explained" will get you started in the right direction!

How to Produce Great Material for Your Video!

VideographerOnce you see how the video production process works and start to use it you will need to get a good idea on how to produce the material you will need for your production.

A good place to start would be with these articles on digital video cameras and camera techniques.

One of the golden rules of video production is... "Great videos start with shooting great material"! If you want to save yourself a lot of time and expense by not having to shoot video material over again because it's not turning out right... take a look at some of the articles on this site for guidance.

Video Editing Sage – camera techniques, camera angles, camera shots

There is a lot to know about digital video cameras, using camera shots, camera angles and video composition techniques that will ensure that you shoot great video material for your production... so be sure to check out these articles.

Video Editing Is the Key to Making a Great Video!

Video editingOnce you have the basics down, you will need to look for a video editing software program that "fits you"...

Meaning... one that you can easily understand and that you enjoy working with.

Of course, the best way to really learn video editing is to do a lot of it. Once you decide on an editing program that you like then... Get in there and edit... Edit... EDIT!!

VideoEditingSage – video editing tips

Here are a few articles on digital video editing that will be helpful to get you started on the road to becoming someone that can edit like a Pro!

Your Video Editing Software Program Is Your Primary Tool… Learn It Well!

Basic video editing softwareYou may want to experiment with a few different editing programs so... at first...

Find one that is simple to use and that doesn't have a whole lot of complicated bells and whistles to sift through.

Then... after you have gained some experience with the simpler ones... Work up to the more powerful and complex editing programs. When you are beginning video production it's always a much easier and faster gradient to learn on a simple one first... Then go to the more complex ones.

When first beginning video production there are some very good free video editing software programs out there you can start with that are simple to learn and easy to use. Try a couple of them to practice on. They can give you a good idea of the wide range of features you'll run into that are in various editing programs and will also help you later on... when you need to make a decision on investing in a more expensive full-featured program.

VideoEditingSage – free video editing programs

Some of these free programs are very full-featured themselves, yet simple to use and... Of course... the price is right... Free ! Check out a few of them on this site page... Free Video Editing Software.

Do You Need One of the More Professional Video Editing Programs?

Professional video editing softwareWhen you actually get into creating your own videos for your business...

You are... of course... going to have to get into the more expensive full-featured editing programs.

But... once you've had a little bit of experience in video editing it should be easy for you to decide on which of the more expensive video editing programs you want to invest in and work with. You really can't go wrong with any the old stand-bys like Sony, Pinnacle, Adobe, Cyberlink or Corel. Just do a little research before you buy and you will be all right!!

VideoEditingSage – video editing software

This site page on Video Editing Software can give you some ideas on some of the more advanced programs and how you can find the best one for your needs.


Be Patient... If You Practice... It Really Doesn't Take Very Long to Learn What You Need to Know!

Video editing workstationWhen you are beginning video production it really doesn't take long to become proficient in producing your own videos but...

In the beginning... be patient and learn the basics of video production, camerawork and video editing well! Then... Shoot tons of video and edit, edit, edit until you have something that you like.

And just remember that... Practice does make perfect!

Once you produced your videos... Get some feedback on them from people you trust and then do it again and again. Soon you will have worked out your own "style" and the way you make your videos. 

VideoEditingSage – getting constructive feedback on your video editing

And… If you're getting constructive feedback (criticism in the direction of making you better not worse) then soon you'll be producing videos that you'll be proud of and your audiences will love!

So… Do the above… And you'll find that you'll become better and better (and faster and faster) at producing quality videos , in your own style, that really get your message across to your audience. And...You'll be able to pop them out in no time!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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