Background Music:
Choose the Best Music for Your Video Production!

Background musicThe right type of background music is vital for a successful video production!

The background music that you use can make or break your video production! There is nothing more powerful in setting the mood or tone of your production than the background music for your video.

But... How do you find the right music at the best price? Here is some information and a few tips!


The Vital Importance of the Background Music That You Use in Your Video…

Background music keeps your audience involvedSit back and think for a moment about the best films or videos you've ever seen. I would bet that you can recall they had one big thing in common... they had a great soundtrack..!

Music has virtually been apart of almost every film since the early beginnings of cinema. Even if... in the early days... one of its main uses was to drowned out the sound of the projector and help the audience concentrate on the moving pictures (smile)..! But... It does much more than that these days! 

The shots, scenes and sequences in a video or film always have some sort of emotion or meaning attached to them... And... the background music the audience hears is one of the important elements that amplifies this emotion or helps the audience understand the meaning of what they're seeing on the screen.

Some examples would be...

Background music – soft music* Music that is sweet, soft and slow can calm the audience giving them a sense of well-being about the scene or the characters.

Background music – aggressive music* Fast, loud and aggressive music can set the adrenaline pumping and have the audience anticipating action and impact.

Background music – ethnic music* Certain types or genres of music, for example, cultural music such as Asian, African or European can for instance give the audience a sense of location. Especially if they are used in video productions such as documentaries.

Background music – recurring themes* Recurring music themes can give the audience cues as to what to expect at a certain juncture in the movie or video and how to feel and react when this occurs in the production.

Background music – musical cues* Certain characters can have musical cues that give the audience the indication when they are about to appear, and how to relate to them emotionally or intellectually.

The filmmaker or video producer, of course, has to choose his soundtrack wisely as sometimes it can distract the audience! And... you don't want that!!

I'm sure however that... just like most people making a video or film ... once you work a bit with the music for your video production  you'll be able to get it just right!

What Should You Consider When You're Looking for Excellent Video Background Music?

Searching for the right background musicFinding excellent music or sound effects for your videos by searching the Internet is not hard to do.... But...

Just like when you're trying to find stock video footage... There are plenty of sites online where you can find and download excellent music for your video productions. What is a little more difficult is finding quality music for your video at the right price and under the right licensing agreement.

What are some issues that you may run into? Well... Of course at the top of the list, obviously, is deciding on what music best fits your particular video production.


Some of the other important things you'll have to consider are:

  • The type of licensing agreement the material is governed by.
  • What does the license cover?
  • What is Creative Commons and what do you need to know about it?
  • What is really meant by "royalty-free" music?
  • What are the differences in sound and video file formats?
  • What format do you need your video background music in?
  • How can you edit a soundtrack to fit your video?
  • How do you judge the audio quality of the music before you buy and download it?
  • What is the price? Or... is it free?
  • Where can you get the best free sound effects?

And that's just to name a few of the questions that we will take a look at and answer!

In this series of articles on music and sound resources we will take a close look at what you need to know when you're looking for that perfect soundtrack, song or sound effect for your video production...!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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