Adobe Video Editing Software:
For You the Video Editor…
Room to Grow!

Adobe video editing softwareAdobe video editing software is among the most popular editing software on the market!

Adobe video editing software has a long history as the leading cross-platform video editing application for Windows and Apple operating systems.

With this software you'll have “Room to Grow” as a video editor...!


What Is the "Best" Video Editing Software for You?

Video editingThe best video editing software is the one that you can master and will easily use to quickly create the videos that you envision!

Saying for sure what the one best  video editing software program out there is... Frankly... is an almost impossible  task!   It all depends on you  and your ... ambitions, skills, resources and how you intend to publish the finished video production. 

  • Are you videoing and video editing for the sole purpose of keeping memories alive for you and your family?
  • Or do you have intentions of showing your footage to family and friends as well?  
  • Or perhaps even publishing your work to the general public on Blu-ray discs or on one or more of the popular video sharing sites on the internet like YouTube?

Generally speaking... If you're going to showcase your video work to other people a more polished result is likely to be desirable. A nice looking presentation goes a long way towards generating some genuine interest from your audience.

There are many affordable (free and otherwise) editing programs available but... If you do plan to showcase your video work to others... you may quickly outgrow most of those types of editing programs.

VideoEditingSage tip #1

* With that said... it is a good idea to invest a little bit more money in your video editing software ... As then there will be room for your creativity to "grow" as you become more skilled at editing your footage.

If you are stepping up from an entry-level video editing application... Adobe video editing software is an excellent option to free you from the limitations of the more basic video editors. With Adobe video editing software you can have more than just the one or two video and audio tracks found in other video editors...

  • Choose from a much wider range of transitions and effects...
  • Customize the screen layout for your working style...
  • Edit HD quality video...

And just generally have much more control over editing your entire production. Adobe editing software certainly does not run short on bells and whistles! 

What Do You Get with Adobe Video Editing Software?

Adobe video editing softwareNo matter what your skill level there is there is an Adobe video editing program that will fit your needs!

Adobe's $100 application (Premiere Elements) closely resembles the company's $700 professional application (Premiere Pro).

Adobe Premiere Elements can guide beginners automatically through the image editing process but,  still includes a wide and deep selection of precision tools that even the experienced user won’t soon outgrow!

New Adobe Premier Elements 2018

* And just a note... It's that time of year again... Adobe's come out with their latest version of Premier... Adobe Premiere Elements 2018. Check it out has some great new  features!

Adobe Premiere Elements provides standard tools such as...

  • The Storyboard/Timeline
  • Window Motion  Settings and
  • Dialog Control...

And provides more room for growth as you take advantage of its more sophisticated features, such as...

  • Real-Time Preview
  • MPEG export for DVD
  • The Adobe Type Designer
  • Audio Enhancement controls
  • Built-in DV capture
  • Web export and,
  • The dedicated Audio Mixer and...
  • Adobe video editing software also supports the AVCHD format.


Granted... Premiere Elements doesn't have some of the tools that Premiere Pro has like...

  • Multiple Timelines
  • Nested Sequences
  • Batch Capturing
  • Surround-Sound editing

While Premiere Elements does have a lot of the power and professional features that Premiere Pro does...  And some of the Premiere Pro color correction tools... But, like Premiere Pro it can accommodate up to 99 video and audio tracks in the same project file... For the true beginner, the Premiere Elements automatically analyzes video clips as they are imported and applies Smart Tags that identify video quality, number of faces, sounds and more for quick finds.

Then, by using InstantMovie, you can automatically create videos by drag and dropping video clips into feature-packed themes such as birthday, wedding or extreme sports. For special effects similar to “green screen” technology... The Videomerge  option can automatically place a person into any scene to impress audiences.

You are looking for tutorials on how to get the most out of your Adobe video editing software be sure to try Adobe TV! It's a great place to find instructional videos on just about anything in the Adobe software universe!

With Adobe video editing software, you have all the tools you need to get started editing today...

Plus enough power to give you “room to grow” as a video editor in the future!!

Have fun...!  Dan (Editor)

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