Video Terminology Glossary 0-9: Video, Filmmaking and Multimedia Words and Terms Video terminology glossary 0-9

    Video Terminology Glossary 0 to 9...
    A comprehensive video terminology glossary of audio, video, multimedia and filmmaking terms.

1080/24p – a high-definition video format. It operates at 24-frames per second (progressive scanning)@ 1920 (horizontal) x 1080 (vertical).

1080/60i – a high-definition video format. It operates in a interlaced scan mode at 60-fields per second. 1920 pixels (horizontal) X 1080 pixels (vertical).

1280 x 720 – a high-definition video format. Progressively scanned at a horizontal of 1920 pixels and vertical of 720 pixels.

16 x 9 aspect ratio – a widescreen format. The aspect ratio is 16 units wide by 9 units high. Just as a comparison, "normal" television has a 4x3 aspect ratio.

1920 x 1080 format – a high-definition video format. 1920 pixels in height (horizontal) and 1080 pixels vertical. It can be scanned either interlaced or progressive.

2K – A video resolution standard. The resolution size is 2048 x 1080 and is based on the resolution of super 35mm film. It is different from 1080p (which is full or "true" high-definition) in that 1080p has a smaller horizontal resolution than 2K. 2K has mainly been used for projection in movie theaters. (Also see: Common Questions about Pixels and Resolution ).

23.98 (or 23.976) frame rate – this refers to the production of a video image at the rate of 23.976 frames per second (which is usually truncated to 23.98). Using this frame rate solves some issues with being able to synchronize video within a 60 Hz signal. Also see: 24p. 

24p – a progressive scan at 24 frames per second. Using this scanning rate gives a video a more "film-like" look.

24PsF – a transmission method. It is used so that video produced at 24 frames per second can be made compatible with 1080/60i processing and switching equipment.

3 Point Edit – a technique in video editing where you force video clips to match a particular series of in or out points and still allow each clip to remain at its original length.

3:2 Pulldown – in television or filmmaking production this is a term used to describe the process of transferring film footage (which is shot at a standard rate of 24 frames per second) to video footage (which has a frame rate of 29.97 frames per second).

30p – video frames progressively captured at 30 frames per second (29.97 actually).

32 Bit Processing – computer CPUs that can process 32 bits of information in a single unit. (Also see: The Video Editing Computer: What is a CPU? ).

4 Point Edit – a technique in video editing where you force the video clip to match a certain series of in and out points of a specified length on your timeline even if the clip needs to be sped up, slow down or modified in some way to fit.

4:2:2– a term used in video compression to give what the sampling rate is of the luminance and chroma signals. Luminance = the first number and chroma = the second number. The sampling rate of the chroma is the third number. In this sampling rate (4:2:2) the chroma is sampled at half the rate of the luminance.

4:4:4 – in this video sampling rate the ratio of luminance and chrominance is in equal amounts.

4K – A video resolution standard. 4096 (horizontal) x 2160 (vertical) pixels. (Also see:Common Questions about Pixels and Resolution ).

5.1 Audio – an audio channel arrangement. 5 = left channel, center channel, right channel, left surround channel, right surround channel. 1 = the sub-woofer channel.

59.94 – the fields per second rate of NTSC color television.

720/30p – a high-definition video format. 1280 pixels (horizontal) x 720 pixels (vertical). This format operates at 30 frames per second and is progressively scanned.

720/60p – a high-definition video format. 1280 pixels (horizontal) x 720 pixels (vertical). This format operates at 60 frames per second and is progressively scanned.

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