Digital Video Editing:
You Can Edit like a Hollywood Pro!

Digital video editing

Digital Video Editing...

Today's powerful personal computers and computing devices are allowing ordinary people to produce great looking videos...easily and at home...

Without needing the very high tech and expensive professional video editing equipment reserved in the past only for Hollywood professionals...!


So... The first thing to understand when you're starting out as an editor is... Why do you need to edit your video at all…? 

This may seem like a silly question at first glance…

But... I ask it because sometimes you may lose sight of why you would want to edit your video and who you are really editing your video for. So… my answer to the question is very simple...

Video editing station

You edit so your audience will watch and enjoy your video!

It's your audience that will have to sit there and watch your video creation. They want to be entertained, enlightened or both! And... you want your video to provide that experience for them!

In creating a video production you are creating a “linear” experience for your audience. They see it from the start... follow along... and then they are (hopefully) there at the ending... and... have been entertained all the way along!

Audiences love  a good story and with good editing you can give them one! If your audience isn't entertained or informed then they're not going to watch your video for long!  So… the other part of the answer would be that you edit your video to make the most entertaining and compelling videos that you can make… It's all for your audience...! I know it's a very obvious point but…

If you keep it firmly in mind... that it's your audience  that you want to please... then it'll be easier to make your digital video editing decisions and create your perfect video! 

Video editing decisions

So… again… a word to the wise… Always edit for your audience and “see” your video from their point of view and you'll make videos that they'll want to watch from beginning to end!

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Types of Video Productions

The Video Production Process

Video Production Camerawork

Organization is one of the Keys to Successful Video Editing... The General Workflow Pattern...

The workflow in video editing can really be defined as just "the way you  do it"! I would break down the concept of workflow into two main parts...

  • General workflow patterns (meaning the basics of getting your video footage in and out of your video editor) and...
  • The way that "you” work when you're actually in the editing phase of your video production.

I would describe the general video production workflow pattern in video editing  simply as:

Step #1...

    Gathering and/or producing your source material for your video... the production phase in the video production process.
Step #1 Video Production Process – production phase

Step #2...

Inputting or capturing this material in to your computer and video editing program as digital files in a file format that you're editing software can handle.

Step #2 Video production – video capture

Step #3...

Storing and organizing it on your computer so that you can find it easily and quickly.

Step #3 video production – Video Editing Computer

Step #4...

    Editing your material into the type of video production you desire.
Step #4 video production – video editing

Step #5...

    Outputting the video to the appropriate storage and playback media file so that it can then be published and shown to the audience that you've intended it for.
Step #5 video production – publishing video content for showing to the public

The above would be the very general workflow pattern that you would follow in producing any video in the post-production (editing) stage.

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Video Editing Process Basics… Keeping Your Creative Energy Flowing…!

The way you create a video… or I should say the best way to create a video is… the way that you  do it!

Video editing process

By that I mean…

creating a story out of source footage is a little different process for everyone and since the workflow within the video editing software is nonlinear (you don't have to start at beginning) you can really start where you want as far as creating your story.

You can start at the beginning and work to the end, or you can start at the middle and work either way, you could build a series of clips and arrange them how you like…

In short... everyone has a way that they're most comfortable in building a video. There's no one right way… there's just your  way!

Whether you use professional video editing software or free video editing software that you can download online…

Gaining your own video editing style

You will discover the optimum workflow for you  as you gain experience and practice with your video editing system.

You will inevitably gain your own "style". And that's the way it should be! You'll find through trial and error what the best way is for you.

When you're working with an NLE (Non-Linear Editor) you can be very creative…

You can work your way backwards or forwards or from the inside out however you want to do it and whatever works for you.

You'll find in digital video editing that there is a " rhythm" and "energy" that you want your audience to sense in your videos and...

Having your own unique style will help you capture that energy in your videos.

I think you'll find that when you're doing video editing (or any artistic work) you'll get on a "roll" and having your own unique style of workflow can help you tap into that energy a little more easily and keep your momentum going.

As I said… the main point here is that through experience and practice you will develop your own unique style when you're in the video editing process itself.

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The Video Editor Is a "Digital Storyteller"…

All of us now have access to the tools to make high-quality, interesting and compelling videos.

With the newest digital video cameras, smart phones, and other digital devices... And using the latest editing software...

Digital storytelling video editingDigital Storytelling is What Editing Is All about!
  • Videographers
  • Film lovers
  • Family historians
  • Weekend videographers and photographers
  • YouTube and Social Media enthusiasts etc...

Now have the power to easily incorporate video clips, photos, sounds and animation to create stunning movie-making productions...!!

These days… "Amateur" videographers can rival a Hollywood professionals TV and film productions, and now have the ability to export their video creations directly from their own personal computers and smart phones to the world via social media! The world of digital video editing and video production has come a long way!

You too can create great videos…! If... you master your camcorder or digital video camera and expertly use your video editing tools to perfection!

Be sure to read the articles here at The on the various aspects and techniques of camerawork, digital video editing and video production and then...

Let's get busy making your video masterpiece…!

Everybody wants to see it...!

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Have fun...!  Dan

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