Digital Camera Accessories:
The Tools That Enhance Your Camera's Performance!

Digital camera accessories

Digital camera accessories are the specialized tools that can enhance your camera's performance and give you the ability to handle almost any situation or problem you may run into when shooting material for your video masterpiece!


Well... Digital camera accessories or camcorder accessories are things that may not be required  for the operation of your camera but...

Digital camera accessories provide additional  features that give you (and your camera) the ability to perform an action better or more precisely or to protect and organize your equipment better for more efficient use.

Why Do You Need Accessories for Your Video Camera?

Digital camera accessories can can be broken down into two main categories...

  • Devices that extend the capacity of your camera to meet certain challenges that you will face in successfully shooting a shot, sequence or scene, especially on location.
  • Accessories that help you protect and organize your equipment so that you can be more orderly and efficient when shooting material for your video production.
Digital camera accessories

They are devices that extend and enhance the capacity of your camera or help you protect and organize your equipment will give you more flexibility in the way you can approach a shot or the video production as a whole.

When shooting video, especially on location, you can of course, run into all sorts of unexpected conditions and strange environments. Shooting conditions in one location are never the same as in another.

There are always problems to solve as far as lighting, motion, framing, focus, exposure etc. and the list could go on and on!

The main job of the camera person or videographer is to be able to shoot the high quality material needed for their video production.

And... you want to get the job done the first time... as sometimes you only get one shot at it, especially when you're shooting live events!

So why would you need accessories...?  Digital video camera accessories are the specialized tools that help you overcome the problems that will be presented to you anytime you're shooting video, especially on location. Camera accessories provide you with the right tools to get the job... all the way... done!

If Accessories Are Tools... Then Which Ones Should  You Always Have in Your Toolbox?

Which digital camera accessories are a "must-have"? Well... There are some very basic video camera accessories that are always handy and useful to have - especially when you're out on location shooting.

Usually they will break down like this:

Camera Accessories – Lights

 *The ability to handle variations in available light no matter where you are.

Camera Accessories – Batteries

*Extra power for your camera so you never miss a shot.

Camera Stabilization – Tripod

*Something to stabilize your camera when needed.

Camera Accessories – Carrying Bag

*Equipment you can use to organize, protect and easily carry your gear.

Let's break this down even further...

The Ability to Handle Variations in Light...

When you doing the video production work camerawork on your project...

Digital video camera – handling variations in light

Especially when you're out shooting on location... You must have the ability to handle any variations in light

Carrying one or more of the many types of battery-powered lamps that can connect to the camera or be used separately are must.

On location you never know exactly what the lighting is going to be like... Or... what variations of light you may run into depending on the time of day or the conditions... or maybe...

When you just may need a little tiny bit of fill light to get that perfect shot! The wise videographer or photographer always carries extra light with him!

There's nothing more important than having the proper lighting you're shooting your video material...

Video production camerawork – on location
Video production lighting

Extra Power for Your Digital Camera...

Spare batteries (emphasis on more than one!) is, as they say, a "no-brainer" for the amateur or professional camera person.

Camcorder battery

The old maxim is: No power = No video!

So... If you are shooting on location... Especially dynamic subjects like sports or other live events... You need have the luxury of being able to keep your...

Running as long as it takes to get the perfect footage. Spare batteries are a must! Nothing is more frustrating than running out of power just before the best action presents itself!

The operation of the camera starts with the power to run it... You must have enough power so that you are able to shoot all material you need...

Digital camera battery
Camcorder batteries

Something to Stabilize Your Camera When Needed...

If you shooting with a telephoto or zoom lens you'll find a stabilization device very handy to eliminate camera shake.

Nothing is worse than...

  • Shaky,
  • Jittery or
  • Blurry video...

Nothing will lose your audience faster! Always have something with you that you can use to stabilize your camera.

 A tripod, unipod or over-the-shoulder stabilization equipment is desirable depending on the location and what you're shooting...

Digital video camera – shoulder mounted camera stabilization unit

Something That You Can Use to Organize, Protect And Easily Carry Your Gear...

Digital camera accessories that you can use to organize, protect and carry your gear is a must. Your camera gear usually will cost you a lot of money...!  And you don't want to break it, lose it or be fumbling around with it!

A well-made camera bag that is versatile, easy to carry and has plenty of room for everything you need is one of the best investments you can make.

When on location, just like in hiking, you basically pack your stuff in and pack your stuff out (smile). A good camera bag with plenty of room for all of the accessories you need is a necessity. Your bag should be of very good quality so it protects your equipment well, be easy to handle and carry and, you should be able to secure the contents in some way.

When on location your bag is a big part of your "portable studio" so don't be afraid to invest in one that is of high quality, versatile and easy to use.

Your equipment is valuable... You want to be able to protect it... You also want to be able to transport it easily and safely to wherever you're shooting your video...

Digital video camera accessories bag #1
Digital video camera accessory bag #2


How Do You Use These "Tools" to Best Advantage When Shooting a Video Production?

Whether you're an amateur or pro...

Videographer using camera accessories on location

As you're working through the shooting of your material you will be subject to the rules and techniques of camerawork.

You will naturally be figuring out the:

As you figure these things out...

You also will get a clear picture of any digital camera accessories you need to carry out your plan and how you will use them to successfully shoot the material you want for your production.

Learn to use these tools well and there will be very few barriers to you capturing all the great video material that you need for your video masterpiece!

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Have fun...!  Dan

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