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You can master the video editing and production techniques that will allow you to create great video productions easily…!

Video editing in its very simplest  form is not hard to learn.

Taking a scene, sequence or video clip... trimming the ends of it and then connecting it to another scene, sequence or video clip is not difficult. In any modern editing software, digital device or smartphone this is an easy operation.

But... when you're making a video to tell a story or to get across an idea… Well… things become a bit more complex to say the least…!

I know  how frustrating it can be when you have a great  idea for a video but don't know how to easily bring that idea to life!

Solving Common Video Production Problems…

When embarking on creating a video you can run into quite a few problems very quickly… such as…

  • How do I get clear and precise camera shots that I can easily edit so that I can best tell the story to my audience?
  • What type of video editing hardware is best so that I can shoot in high definition and handle the rigors of editing high-definition footage?
Video production studio
  • What type of output format is best for my particular video production?

When you get down to editing… what about the types of:

  • Cuts
  • Visual effects
  • Transitions, and the
  • Timing of the action...

Video editing certainly becomes much more intricate when you're trying to get across a coherent concept or story!

And add to that… the problems of ensuring that your image and audio quality is first-rate to begin with!

Video editing software

Well… Things can get a little more complex in a hurry!

So… How do you master the techniques of camerawork, video production and editing?

Do-It-Yourself Video Editing and Production…
For Everyone...!

I started this site with the idea that it would mostly be about video editing and working with editing software programs...

Video cameraman

The site where the "Do-it-yourself video editor" can find great information about editing his or her video footage into a masterpiece!

The techniques of editing a video that will really  get a cross to your audience what you  want to say…!

Well... It's grown into even more than that as... It really takes using the whole  scope of the video production process to make a really great, informative and entertaining video.

You need great material if you're going to edit it into a great video!

Learning the whole of the video production and editing process can appear to be a pretty big job…

But… I found that if you break it down into simple parts that are written in Plain English  and that are understandable... it can be mastered very easily.

The Concept of This Site Is...

A place where you can find simple, understandable and usable information that will help you solve the problems you encounter in camerawork, video editing and video production!

The Goal of This Site Is...

That you can easily understand and use the information that you find here to produce exactly the video that you have envisioned!

Not everyone, of course, needs all the information on this site… A lot of what's here you may already know and that's great!

But… hopefully there is information on this site that will answer questions that you have or will help you figure out how to create that perfect shot, scène and video.

I’ve broken this site down into sections so that you have a fast way to locate the information you need in specific areas of video production...

I Very Much Want to Hear What You Have To Say…!!

I love feedback from you the readers... I really like to hear your questions and comments...!! A lot of the questions I will know the answer to and can answer right away but some… I’ll have to do some digging…

And that's great…! It expands my knowledge of video production and editing and that's always a good thing! 

You can keep up with the latest news in video editing and production by visiting the What's New! page and the my Video Editing News Blog page.

So… Welcome to!

Grab a cup of coffee… Sit down at your editing computer with me…

And let's get started making your video masterpiece…!!

Meet the editor of

Have fun!  Dan (Editor)

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